Fair Day Rules



Arrive on time

High school students: 11:45-12:15 p.m.

Middle school students: 12:15-12:45 p.m.

(Note: families with middle and high school entrants may bring their students at any time during this hour. We are staggering entrance times to minimize the wait at security.)


Pass through security

Students will pass through and airport screening device; possessions such as backpacks, jewelry, cell phones, etc. will be screened separately. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who arrives at the last minute as we cannot alter FDA screening protocol.


Items you may bring

·       Homework such as textbooks and papers

·       A book to read (not on an e-reader)

·       H2O bottle (there are water fountains at which you can refill your bottle)

·       Hard candy or cough drops (you will get thirsty talking to all the judges)

·       A non-messy snack such as a granola bar or cheese and crackers (please, no peanuts/peanut butter due to allergies)

·       A non-electronic watch (no Apple or Android watches)

You MAY NOT bring anything else.


ALL electronics such as cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, laptops, netbooks, iPads, etc. must be turned off prior to entering the Food & Drug Administration Buildings and they must remain off while you are inside the buildings and must be stowed inside a pocket, purse, backpack or other type of case prior to entering the building. You may not take out any electronics (except temporarily as required by the security check), nor may you use any electronics, while you are in the building.  Bring a watch for telling the time. We strongly recommend that you do not bring any of these devices to the fair except for cell phones which will allow you to contact your parents at the conclusion of the fair.

* The only exceptions are electronic devices integral to the presentation of the project which have a Safety & Display Property Passthat was issued on Friday evening.


Warning: The following transgressions will result in disqualification from the fair

·       If you leave the Food and Drug Administration buildings for any reason (including to go to your car), you will no longer be judged at ScienceMONTGOMERY. (If you have a medical issue, seek an adult volunteer to assist you.)

·       If you use, or even take out, any form of electronics on Fair Day, you will no longer be judged at ScienceMONTGOMERY.

·       If you bring ANYTHING (including additional copies of your abstract) into the judging area to add to your display after you have completed your Safety & Display final approval, you will be DISQUALIFIED from judging at ScienceMONTGOMERY.



You must remain at your project until dismissed; you should then remove your project board and leave the building.


Middle School students will be dismissed at 4:00 p.m.

High Schoolstudents will be dismissed at 5:00 p.m.



Remember the Awards Program on Sunday begins at 2 PM at Blair High School.   This is the only time we will be distributing awards. Teachers present at the Awards Program will be allowed to collect awards for students at their schools. Parents will need to pick up their students’ awards from the Fair Director at a prearranged time. All team members must be present to accept their own awards; you may not accept an award for your teammate.