About Us

ScienceMONTGOMERY Overview

The objectives of the Montgomery Area Science Fair Association/ScienceMONTGOMERY shall be:

To encourage and promote interest in engineering, mathematics, science and science education in the youth of the Area.

To encourage area-wide participation in such scientific activities as Science Fairs, Science Talent Searches, the Program of the Future Scientists of America, Junior Science and Humanities Symposia, Washington Junior Academy of Sciences and similar activities.

To sponsor and finance the expenses of the Montgomery Area Science Fair.

To bring together educators, supervisors, teachers, students, parents, engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and friends of science to facilitate the solution of problems related to education.

Important Information for Students/Parents/Sponsors

ScienceMONTGOMERY organizes the Montgomery Area County Science Fair. This is an Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) affiliated regional fair and as such is bound by the Rules and Regulations for Intel ISEF. ScienceMONTGOMERY has developed a few additional Special Rules as well. The purpose of these guidelines is to promote safe student research. See Rules and Guidelines for more information.

Any student in the Montgomery County area, public and private schools, as well as home-schooled students, grades 6-12, may be eligible to participate. Student participants/exhibitors must be sponsored by a scientist, science teacher or laboratory staff member. This sponsor is responsible for familiarity with the participant's research plan and safety requirements, as well as making sure the student safely follows all relevant Fair rules. Students do not need to be sponsored by a school.

Projects may be submitted in one of seven categories: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics. Category descriptions can be found by clicking this link.

Teachers that sponsor student researchers are encouraged to attend training sessions regarding fair requirements.

See our Policies page for important policies that govern the fair.